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INFOX Shared Mailing

A unique regular ‘shared cost’ mailing to retail travel agencies U.S.A. wide. Go nationwide or pick your prime states.
Our database is active and updated regularly to maintain credibility.
Costs are based on the weight of literature and number of pieces.
You can mail to our entire database for as low as 12 cents per address, including postage, packaging and handling.

Ways Clients Use This Mailing

Initial distribution of new brochures with a re-order card.
Targeting specific geographic areas.
General distribution for USA wide exposure.
Distributing surplus inventory that still has validity and sales value.

FAQs :

Won't we lose our identity in a shared mailing?

No. The US Postal Service is a shared mailing! Agents open their daily mail, discard all packaging and file or distribute the contents.

How is the mailing distributed?

USPS Bound Printed Matter.


Contact Sales or Customer Service
To Start Saving Today!

800 444-8830


To include a 3.5 oz. brochure (36 page) in a national mailing, you could save approx. $10,000 over the cost of normal 3rd Class postage, labor and materials.
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