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Summary of Products & Services

Active database of U.S. retail agencies.
Custom fulfillment services
Custom trade & consumer mailing
Inventory management of brochures, posters & collateral
Database management
Data mining
INFOX's unique 'shared cost' travel agents mailing
An online option for agents to request your brochures and expand your database.
E-mail marketing
Operation of specialist travel agency programs
Partnership with 800# call centers
NETRAV – international distribution partners
A simplified pricing structure that reflects the nature of the distribution business. At INFOX we won't "nickel and dime" you every time we touch your product!

For a written proposal or more information contact us by e-mail or at (800) 444-8830

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INFOX Travel Industry Marketing
6965 S. Priest Dr.
Suite #6
Tempe, AZ 85283

(480) 345-6682
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(800) 444-8830
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